Today I bring you a somewhat special entry, with these bags to participate in a pinchos contest at the parties of my town. There were nine participants I leave photos of some of them since I was one of the first to present them, and therefore I did not see them all. Tell me that they gave me the first prize ... I wished ... I was delighted but to say that the others I could see were very good and everyone deserved a prize. Well from here to thank the entire organization and all those who made this event possible again !!!!!!!

1 package of pasta brick
125 g of roast pork cut by knife
1 pot of turnip to Rosaleira
2 homemade chorizos
200 g of San Simón Da Costa cheese
A bit of melted butter to brighten

Open the can of grelos and let them drain in a drainer. Cut the ham into small pieces and reserve, we remove the skin to the chorizo ​​and we undo them well. Cut the cheese into cubes. We return with the grelos that are already drained and with a spoon we squeeze them in the same drainer to remove all the water that we can, we pass them to kitchen paper to dry them a little. On a cutting board we chop them well.
In a pan sauté the chorizo ​​over medium heat, add the cut grelos and the lacón and we give a few more laps without passing so that Do not dry the filling. We let it cool down.

We preheat the oven to 200º
We take a brick pasta wafer, in the middle we put two tablespoons of the filling and on top of this 6 or 7 cheese taquitos, we take all the edges of the wafer as if we were doing a gathering, (I with green leaves of leek). Repeat this step until the filling is completed. We place the bags in a tray covered with baking paper, we paint them with a little butter to make them shine and we put them in the oven. we have to be careful because in ten minutes they are ready, and if we neglect they burn us ...